It’s Never Been Easier!

STEP 1: Set Up a Keyword

Simply Login to your Ministries ChurchByMobile Back Office, and in a matter of seconds create a keyword campaign. You can use the same keyword over and over and change the outgoing content as often as you would like.

Hand PhoneIt’s a good idea to keep the keyword short, simple, and easy to remember.

STEP 2: Members text keyword to 54244

Have your congregation (or any other target audience) text your keyword, for example, “churchapp”, to 54244.

They will immediately receive an automated reply with whatever information you specify.

STEP 3: Receive an SMS from the church

Your goal is to get your congregation’s phone numbers into your church database. Once they “opt in” to receiving updates, you can now communicate with them all the time by sending new keywords for them to check out, or updating the content on your mobile website.

STEP 4: Interact & Connect!

If the Parishioner has a web-enabled phone, they can easily click the link and look at detailed information that the church can modify daily if they desire. Information on this mobile site may contain but isn’t limited to:

  • Today’s Program
  • Calendar of Events
  • Donation Page
  • Bookmark Church Website with Icon
  • Prayer Lists
  • Youth Group Activities
  • Church Flyer